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Enterprise-wide Solutions

Imagine being part of a leadership team that truly believes in its mission and is committed to its values. Not because the team members have committed to adopting them, but because your company’s mission and values align with and reflect those of your team. Bill enjoys working with companies who are ready to create a positive, healthy work environment through strength-based management and organizational change. He begins with a needs assessment, listening to concerns and getting a sense for your corporate culture, priorities, and pressures. Bill then works with executives and management to identify core strengths and explore how those strengths contribute to their personal and professional success. Finally, because no two companies needs are exactly alike, he will work with key stakeholders to develop a customized plan, setting measurable goals for growth and development. The consultation process normally begins on-site, working with individuals and small groups. Remote coaching sessions are subsequently offered to maximize your investment, extend your budget, and ensure on-going support.

Team Solutions

What if each of your team members looked forward to coming to work every day, appreciated one another’s idiosyncrasies, and reliably delivered results? It’s possible. Bill’s team solution starts with the having each member identify, understand, embrace, and share their own strengths. This process serves to increase appreciation for the need for diversity of strengths, abilities, and perspectives. Individual team members learn not only to tune in and listen to those diverse opinions, but to seek out and value them, especially when there are difficult decisions to be made. This is solidified through the use of liberating structures which include and engage every member of the team. The ultimate goal is to create a culture that increases opportunity to amplify individual strengths while maintaining personal and collective accountability for the team’s impact, keeping an eye on key metrics and priority outcomes.

Individual Solutions

Imagine walking away from a coaching session with a new appreciation of the inherent strengths that you possess and a better understanding of how those strengths impact your beliefs, actions, relationships, and overall approach to life. Knowing your strengths will provide you with a powerful, foundational touchstone. Bill will help you identify which strengths are still maturing and how to best grow them. He’ll also teach you how to dial certain strengths up and down, so that no matter the circumstance, your strengths are working for you.